Holiday Tips

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Although holidays can be lovely, they can be hectic and disrupting in ways too. This is especially true for those of us with small children and nurslings. Here are some tips to help the upcoming holidays run a bit smoother…

  • Lactation ConsultantREST up. If you get some time off from work, take advantage and take some breaks. This is a time when kids are home from college (think-babysitters!) and when instead of staying up ’till midnight baking those pies, call it quits, snuggle those babies and get to bed! You’ll thank me in the morning.
  • Eat Mama, EAT! Holidays usually revolve around food and tradition, so partake in it all.  Remember as a nursing mama you need extra calories, just make some healthy decisions and be sure to indulge a little, you deserve it! Have a cocktail if the spirit moves you. Eating well and drinking plenty of water will keep that energy going. So eat, drink and be merry!
  • Now that we’ve addressed mom eating, let’s not forget about that sweet baby! Babies are always the first to get passed around at family gatherings and with all the “ooohhhs and aaaaaahs” over baby, feeding cues can be missed or not recognized.  Sticking to your normal feeding patterns-even if that means stepping away where you and baby will be more comfortable-is essential to not only making it through, but enjoying the holidays!
  • Plan around your normal schedule if possible.  This may or may not be doable but if you know your baby eats or naps at a certain time pretty regularly, consider trying to stick with that, at least when you can.  Predictability for some is very reassuring, especially for the older infants/toddlers and even some Mama’s too;)
  • Worried about germs? There are a couple of things you can do.  First, people should be washing their hands anyway but If you need to, insist it, and while you’re at it some hand sanitizer may be helpful too. It’s your choice as mama to decide who gets to handle your baby.  If you really want to avoid passing your little one around consider wearing a baby sling or wrap.  People will be less likely to pry a baby off of you…
  • Have some relatives who like broadcast their opinions? Concerned about a breastfeeding issue you may be experiencing? There is support out there! Some of my go-to resources online are and Offline, you can call  the Nursing Mothers Alliance warmline (610.251.9405) and a trained, nursing mother counselor will call you back.

.Ask and you shall receive…even in the most dysfunctional of families there’s a lot of love, and with love, support.

*Wishing you all a very happy and stress-free start to your holiday season*