Are you having trouble breastfeeding?

Getting Support can help!



An IBCLC is a health care professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. Individuals who receive  information and support prenatally along with postpartum hospital and home visits from a lactation consultant are better prepared to succeed. They are more likely to breastfeed through week 20 and beyond, and with a greater frequency. Empowering families with knowledge and the skills to achieve their own goals is the best support I can give.

Prenatal visits that I offer can be more personal than a large prenatal class where there is so much information to absorb.  You  may have your own agenda of what you’d like to focus on, I can work with you to make it as specific to your own personal needs and goals as a family.


In home initial consults are all about gathering information, observing baby, assessing baby’s latch and milk transfer, and helping mom with positioning, maintaining comfort, and creating a plan of care.

Follow-up visits are encouraged!  Babies change, needs change and in the very beginning it can be stressful! I can help you through this period of adjustment, make changes to the plan of care as needed and ensure both mom and baby are as healthy as they can be.

Additionally, I can help with:

  • pumping
  • returning to work
  • bottle refusal
  • history of breast surgery/trauma
  • feeding multiples
  • feeding a baby with special needs
    • supplementary nursing system