She's the best!

Kristin was one of the greatest resources I had as a new mommy. No question was too small or too silly and she provided fantastic advice and insight in a fun and practical way. Just knowing I had her for support and access to her knowledge, gave me the peace of mind and confidence that I was doing a great job and providing my little girl with one of the greatest gifts I could give her. She’s the best!
- Molly

Kristin was excellent

Breastfeeding did not come easy to me like it does for some women. I found it very difficult getting my baby to latch on and continue to feed successfully. I had trouble learning the different hold positions and mastering them. Kristin Burns was excellent. She was calm and consultative during moments where I felt stressed, which allowed me to slow down and learn at my baby and I’s pace. We had many successful feeds because of her guidance. Aside from the fact that she is highly experienced, she is also truly patient and cares for every mom and baby – this is what sets her apart. I would highly recommend her to any mom who needs help with breastfeeding.
- Corrine

Great Support

I knew that breastfeeding was something I really wanted to be able to do when having my baby. I also knew that it may be challenging, especially due to some of my sister’s experiences. When my daughter was born I was so happy when she first latched and my milk came in. This whole breastfeeding thing was easier than I thought. The truth was, though, that this is when my problems all began. The biggest and most important thing that Kristin really provided me during this time was SUPPORT. She was there to help ail my problems, come up with different solutions, and was also there to let me know that she was available to help me whenever I needed her. She helped me through all my physical problems I faced while breastfeeding; cracked nipples, milk blisters, and reynaud’s symptoms. She also provided me with information about diet, pumping, and storing my milk properly. After the first three months of all her help and guidance, I realized one day that everything was all of sudden good. My daughter was latched on great, my nipples and breasts felt great, and from then on breastfeeding just continued to be this amazing experience for me. Thanks Kristin for all your help!
- Lindsey

Calming force

Kristin is extremely helpful and supportive! She really keeps everything in perspective. She is such a calming force! Her knowledge and expertise got me through some hard times. I had a lot of difficulties with breastfeeding. She was able to give me not only one, but multiple options as to how to go about my different issues. Her support goes well beyond breastfeeding. She answered all my questions I had as a new mother, and believe me, there were a lot!
- Megan

The BEST Decision!

Kristin is an AMAZING resource! Reaching out to her was one of the BEST decisions I could have made as a new mommy! She's encouraging, supportive, kind, and everything you could wish for when hoping someone can answer the endless list of questions you have as a new parent. My husband and I immediately felt comfortable with Kristin as she visited our house numerous times throughout the first few weeks to help with breastfeeding, pumping, and even feeding our daughter her first bottle. You'll be doing yourself a disservice if you DON'T reach out to Kristin!
- Melissa F

Prompt response and constant support

Kristin has been a great support for me and my daughter past one year. My little one turned ONE recently and I still ask Kristin questions, and she continuous to provide answers with the same diligence as she did a year ago. She is prompt at her responses and it gave me peace of mind that I could contact her for every small and big issue I had for nursing/pumping. Thanks a bunch!!
- Brinda M

The best you'll find!!

I cannot say enough about Kristin. My nursing experience started out incredibly smooth. My daughter latched right away, she was gaining weight, and everything was going according to plan. I then ran into many hurdles, and started to feel as if breastfeeding was no longer a possibility for us. Kristin was always available to answer my many, many questions, and to offer possible solutions to get back on track. Most importantly, she provided much needed support and encouragement. Had it not been for Kristin, I'd have given up long ago, because I wouldn't have known what my other options were. Her knowledge and support are the reason I'm able to say I am breastfeeding my daughter! And as an added bonus, she's a wonderful and fun person who is a joy to be around. THANK YOU for everything, Kristin!
- Lauren


Kristin is an extremely skilled lactation consultant. She customized her approach to match my breastfeeding goals. She is warm and friendly, a great listener, and I have been more successful in my breastfeeding journey because of Kristin.
- Brittany F

Best choice!

Kristin was an amazing help for me in the beginning and in the follow up visits! She is professional and really attentive. Besides helping me jump the hurdles, she is so easy to talk to! I highly recommend her!
- Dottie


Kristin is an absolutely wonderful resource who is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, friendly, reassuring and kind. She is a fantastic lactation consultant and really helped me feel more comfortable and confident in breastfeeding as a first time mom. My baby was born early and tiny therefore breastfeeding did not come easy the first few weeks but with Kristin’s guidance, knowledge, and encouragement, she helped me and my baby relax and enjoy breastfeeding successfully. We are forever grateful. Kristin is truly talented and a wonderful lactation consultant. She personalized our approach and helped me understand the breastfeeding process and what works best for us. I would highly recommend her to anyone with breastfeeding needs and questions!
- Emily O’Connell

Forever grateful!

I will be forever grateful for Kristin Burns. She came to my house when I was a vulnerable first time mom. Kristin is calm, friendly and reassuring. She quickly helped me feed my daughter, provided new feeding positions, and answered every single question I had! Kristin continues to be an amazing resource whenever a new challenge arises. She helped me with my transition from maternity leave back to work. Without her I do not know if we would still be on this journey. Kristin is wonderful!!!
- Heather G

- Anonymous


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